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Red currant / Spicy rose / Vanilla / Tangerine / White pepper

Suggested for espresso and filter


Sopacdi is reviving the reputation of the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo for being a region which can produce outstanding Washed Arabica coffees. There had been no markets for farmers’ coffee for decades. They had no option but to take the dangerous smuggling route across Lake Kivu, bartering their coffee for food and everyday essentials. Others had been forced to flee their land due to the violent civil war.

Nine years ago, a small group came together, inspired by the newly formed specialty coffee co-operatives in Rwanda and talked about doing the same. In 2008 they found their first specialty coffee buyer and since then, the momentum has been building. Today, Sopacdi has over 3,200 farmer members and they have recently achieved Fairtrade and organic certification.

Sopacdi unites farmers from different ethnic groups – they speak Kirundi, Kihavu or Kinyarwanda – yet they are united in their vision to improve their families lives and communities through coffee.

Many of Sopacdi’s coffee farmers are widows, their husbands drowned smuggling coffee across Lake Kivu. Sopacdi pays a price premium for ‘Women’s Coffee’ to its female members, which helps enable them to provide for their families.


In 2011, Sopacdi opened the first coffee washing station in the Congo for forty years and theirs was the first coffee to achieve the top national grade – Kivu 2 – since 1967. Sopacdi’s farmers are renovating their land, incorporating measures to combat soil erosion and they are planting new coffee seedlings from the co-operative’s own nurseries. Farmers are attending workshops led by agronomists to learn about organic composting and mulching. Sopacdi has established a small tools fund to enable farmers to buy the equipment needed to produce the best quality coffee.