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Dark Chocolate / Red Berries / Creamy

Suggested for espresso and filter

DRY Process 

The small, mountainous Serra da Canastra microregion is nestled between the large coffee regions of Cerrado Mineiro and Sul de Minas. The area is most known for its fine cheeses made from local milk, but the region’s natural resources also make it an exceptional region for growing coffee. Its producers take great pride in all they grow and make.

Paulo Henrique Cruz, better known as Paulinho, is one of the people best suited to explain what makes Serra da Canastra special. His 30-hectare coffee farm includes processing and warehousing facilities. Paulo’s previous work in Piumhi, Minas Gerais and as the manager of a farm in the region of Confuaso prepared him to take on the task of running his specialty coffee operation.