Pecan Pie - Milk Based Espresso

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Dark Honey / Pecan / Carmel

Feast your tastebuds on delectable honey-roasted pecans, buttery pastry, and rich dark caramel, because it’s time for Pecan Pie! An absolute gem of a Christmas classic, this milk-based blend will serve as the dessert you’ve been dreaming of all year.

The Brazilian natural lot which forms the base of this coffee allows a sugary pop from the washed Kenyan lot to shine through, together with a buttery pastry sensation from a carbonic maceration lot from El Salvador. As the year draws to a close, this nutty delight will ensure that 2020 leaves a good taste in your mouth.



Natural (50%), Washed (25%), Carbonic Maceration (25%)


50% Brazil Santa Lucia, Natural, 25% Kenya Thageini AB, Washed, 25% El Salvador Los Pirineos, CM

METHOD Espresso

DOSE 20.5g


BREW TIME 27-30 seconds