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Ripe Cherry / Blood Orange / Red Apple

 Luis Emilio Valladarez Zelaya first began producing coffee in 1960, inheriting his first farm and purchasing an additional 14ha soon afterward. In 1979, Luis and his family began processing their own coffee, under the business name ‘Cafetalera Buenos Aires’.

Luis identified the potential quality of the coffee at the site of the future La Laguna farm: taking advantage of the micro-climate and area space, he purchased the land with the intention of producing high-quality Caturra and other varietals. This farm has received two awards in the final round of the Cup of Excellence program, the world’s most renowned coffee auction program. 

This natural processed Caturra lot is picked at 18°-20°Bx, to ensure the optimal sweetness and maturation of the cherries. We see the benefits of this process in the blood orange and red apple tasting qualities, accompanied by chocolatey, winey aromatics.