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Tana Ndongo (which translates as the small 5) is owned by 5 brothers - Francis, David, James, John, and Joseph Muuru. Their farm and mill are located at 1820 masl in Gitwe village in Kiambu and they exclusively grow the SL28 variety for its outstanding flavor profile. It is as usual a washed process coffee where it is de-pulped and then sorted into 3 grades based on the bean density.
The coffee is dry fermented in large tanks for about 24 hours until the remaining mucilage is loose and then washed again in channels to remove the mucilage and sort the ‘floaters’ or underdeveloped light beans from the rest. The beans in their parchment are then fed into a soak tank filled with cold water for 24 hours. This is said to develop the amino acids in the beans and contribute to that Kenyan flavor profile that we love. Finally, the parchment is dried on raised beds (for good airflow) in the sun for 11 - 14 days and rested for some weeks after that. What to expect in the cup? Thick body contrasting delicate notes of Hibiscus, rosehip, and raspberry with a licorice finish. This coffee is only available for filters.