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Dark Chocolate / Roasted Pineapple / Coca Nibs

Yet another coffee that returns to our humble roasting facility.  Last year we also had a small lot of this funky Indonesian coffee. It sold out almost overnight, but maybe that also had something to do with the design of the label. Still my favorite (:  This year it’s back once again, with the same epic label. The Frinsa Estate is located in West-Java, and the producer responsible for this wild cup profile is Wildan Mustofa. Together with the guys from Nordic Approach, he started working on these experimental processing techniques last year. This year they’re focusing on making them more scalable. Which is a good thing because it means we can drink more of this exotic coffee.  Just like last year this coffee is just one big explosion of flavors. Think of sweet spices, boozy funkiness, and tropical overripe fruits all jammed up in a 90% cacao chocolate bar. It’s probably not the average cup of coffee... But who wants that?