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Green Apple / Grape juice / Candied Ginger

This reserve lot is a pristine example of why Don Fabio is considered the legendary producer of Macarla. Geisha is no stranger to our reserve offering but what is unusual is to see one of such high quality coming from such low altitudes. However, it was a very conscious choice to plant at the bottom of the farm: being a more sensitive variety, Don Fabio decided to plant it in the shaded area at the foot of his farm which sees a high natural canopy from an abundance of large trees. Here, the conditions suit his bronze-tip Geisha, and the patch of trees is so green, lush, and healthy. We still see a lengthy ripening period of the cherries as the cooler growing conditions allow for this essential slow maturation. It sees the cherries depulped before a gentle 24-hour fermentation. The coffee is then rinsed five times before being slowly dried on African beds which are undercover to ensure the heavy seasonal rains don’t interrupt the coffee drying process. This 80D lot brings us a beautiful, refined Geisha expression.


Honduras (100%)


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