Honduras Mi Mundo - Espresso

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Orange / Caramlised suger / grape fruit

Secundino Sabillon plays a very important role in Honduras at both Finca Beti, Sasa's first coffee farm, and the well-known farm La Huerta, owned by the Lanza family. He is in charge of the daily operations and management of all agricultural aspects at these farms. Together with mentoring from Sasa and Jorge, he has also taken on a farm project of his very own: he called his farm Mi Mundo - “my world'. He feels that whilst walking across the hillsides and being amongst the coffee trees that he is in paradise, in a perfect little world of his own. Mi Mundo only lays at an altitude of 1100-1200masl, so Secundino decided to plant coffee varieties that thrive at lower altitudes. He chose to almost exclusively grow Paraneima: a relatively unusual hybrid created in the 1980s. Genetically, Paraniema is a specific selection of Sarchimor (Timor hybrid and Villa Sarchi). Here at ONA, we find Paraniema to consistently have quite a unique expression of floral and botanical qualities which are anchored in a thick, sugar syrup-like sweetness.



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