Honduras Las Botijas

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Apple / Lime / Toffee / Nectarine


Jose Abel Duron’s farm ‘Las Botijas’ has consistently placed well in various auction programs, placing 3rd at the 2018 ‘Best of Honduras: Late Harvest’ auction and 1st in 2016. The name ‘Las Botijas’ is drawn from the legend of a treasure that is said to be buried on the farm in an earthenware jug (known as a ‘botija’). Bought by Jose in 2011, this farm only grows the pacamara varietal due to the large coffee cherries it produces. We’re extremely excited to share a new harvest of this exceptional coffee, and we hope you enjoy it too!

This washed pacamara lot has a range of flavor notes that change as it cools. It begins with notes of apple and nectarine, which shift into a lime acidity and toffee sweetness as it cools down.


METHOD Espresso

DOSE 20.5g


BREW TIME 27-30 seconds