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Dark Chocolate / Banana / Herbal Tea

Two really interesting aspects make this coffee a great coffee every year. Firstly, this coffee's variety: Lot #1 is Lempira, a coffee variety distinguished by its bronze-tipped leaves and compact bushy appearance. Lempira is a genetic cross of Timor hybrid and Caturra, making it high-yielding and best grown in warm microclimates and acidic soil. In 2018, mutations of the leaf rust disease started to affect this variety after being initially classified as resistant: however, it still produces quite the unique cup especially with certain types of natural fermentation. The producer and owner of La Liona, Adalid Vernon Caballero Reyes, loves the flavor aspect of the variety and its ability to retain structure and balance through heavy fermentation techniques. This lot sees thick layer fermentation as whole cherries for 5-7 days before being spread and dried in a single layer until the coffee is almost fully dried. The coffee is then transferred to dark, wine cellar-like conditions where it spends 2 weeks in the dark and cooler temperatures. 



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