Guatemala El Socorro

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Hazelnut / Green apple / Caramel / Persimmon

Juan Diego de la Cerda is a third-generation coffee producer, who has operated ‘El Socorro’ since 1999. Coffee has been grown at the farm since 1980, and with Juan’s efforts, there are now more than 125 hectares of planted coffee trees. Much of the coffee is shade-grown under avocado, palo blanco, and chichicaste trees, and irrigation is provided by rainfall and a local river, with a re-circulated water system in place to reduce wastage of water. This is among the first coffee we have purchased from Guatemala, and based upon its quality it certainly won’t be the last.

This washed pacamara from Palencia, Guatemala has a wide range of tasting notes. Aromas of green apple and caramel are accompanied by a hazelnut-like note and a persimmon quality on the finish.



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