Ethiopian Fiku

Camel Step

Ethiopian Fiku - Shot
  • 5.000 KD

In the Shakisu region, specifically in Woreda area, the Fiku family developed their family farm in 2008 to meet and adopt the relevant specialty coffee standards.


From hand-picking the red cherries and passing them through the filteration stations, to the washing station and it is the most important phase of the treatment. The coffee was treated with a full wash, adding a net texture and a pleasant acid flavor with a final chocolate flavor.


As Camel Step, we are keen to roast the best out of this coffee from what we have developed to offer a balanced and clean cup.


Quantity: 250 g


Notes: Floral, vanilla, orange, blueberries

Region: Shakiso
Variety: Heirloom
Process: Washed
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