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Semeon Abay. A name that is famous in the specialty coffee world for one crazy tasting coffee. So complex and so intense that Lex dares to say it's his all time favourite coffee ever. Big words.

Semeons’ coffee was first made famous during his time at 90+ some years ago. We managed to get our hands on a few kilos, which blew our minds  and that was that it was gone forever! 

He now works at Nordic Approach, and just like LCD Soundsystem suddenly it was back and they decided to replicate his experimental process on a larger scale!

They call it “in-bag fermentation” and in a nutshell it goes like this….. The cherries are picked, sorted and put in large sacks and these sacks are stacked in piles of 2. The sacks are then rotated every 12 hours for 5 days so the sack on the bottom goes on top and round it goes. After that the cherries are spread on drying beds for around 15 - 20 days to stop the fermentation process from going too far. Why do all of this? Because pineapple and mango, peach, strawberry, dark chocolate and cacoa nibs! Thats why!