Ethiopia Gora

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Milk Chocolate / Floarl / Red Berries

Before the arrival of our larger lots of natural processed Ethiopia, we have a few smaller lots to keep us going. This new lot is produced by 20 smallholder farmers from Gora village, in the Uddo Hadamma municipality of Shakisso Woreda in Guji. It’s made up of the local landrace varieties Gibirrina and Serto (74110 & 74112) that were isolated and selected for their disease resistance. The coffee is grown between 2000 - 2100 masl and dried in a drying station run by Ture Waji the "King of Guji" who has also trained these farmers in agronomy and post-harvest practices. They also separate each day lot to better monitor the moisture content and make the drying process consistent. All this equals great coffee and in the cup, you’ll find it’s a little floral, with notes of sweet milk chocolate and red berries.