Ethiopia Amber Lot 0808

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Nectarine / Orange / Yellow peach

Over the last three years, we have worked closely with our green bean partners, Project Origin, and the Muje Masina Washing Station in developing experimental processing to highlight and develop the coffees of the Guji region. The 0808 lot is the result of such experimentation: coffee cherries undergo Carbonic Maceration (CM) and washed processing methods before 12-15 days of drying and extensive screening. This lot has been classified as part of Project Origin’s ‘Amber’ category in the ‘CM Selections’ series, a series of their most prolific CM lots.

This ‘Amber’ lot from Project Origin’s ‘CM Selections’ series is full of yellow and orange fruit notes. Look for notes of orange, nectarine, and yellow peach, which will develop and intensify as the brew cools down.



DOSE 20g


EXTRACTION TIME 2:30 - 3:00 minutes