Ethiopia Amber ‘Koke’

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Pineapple / Tangerine / Lychee / Papaya

Located near the Mele Village and owned by our Ethiopian partners Primrose, the ‘Koke Abraham’ station is named after its manager, Abraham. In their first year applying Carbonic Maceration (CM) techniques, the Koke Abraham Station has produced some incredible lots that we’re truly proud to share. Koke is very close to the Konga Webanchi station, making processing logistics and the exchange of information a lot simpler. From the result of the 2020 harvest we see amazing potential for future harvests to come and we know this region will continue to shine in quality in the years and harvests to come.

This special Carbonic Maceration (CM) lot is full of tropical fruits and citrus. Look for notes of pineapple, lychee, and papaya, as well as a tangerine note in the aroma and finish.

METHOD Espresso

DOSE 20.5g


BREW TIME 27-30 seconds