El Salvador Himalaya

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Red cherry / Dark chocolate / Hibiscus / Raisin

This coffee is grown in the soft, volcanic clay of Mauricio Salaverria’s, ‘Finca Himalaya’ in the region of Apaneca, El Salvador. Coffee has been grown on this farm since 1875, with the reputation as the first ‘specialty coffee’ farm in the small Central American country. The “Supersonic” processing method was developed by Mauricio and ONA Coffee founder, Sasa Sestic in order to highlight powerful fruit qualities. Using selective picking, extensive sorting, thick layering, and special drying techniques, Mauricio has created a lot that is more than impressive … it’s supersonic!

It’s called ‘Supersonic’ for a reason – this special natural processed coffee has a powerful flavor profile, ranging from red cherry and raisin to hibiscus and dark chocolate. Give it a swirl a few times and enjoy the aroma!


METHOD Pourover

DOSE 20g


EXTRACTION TIME 2:30 - 3:00 minutes