El Salvador Gilberto Baraona

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Marmalade / Peach / Red apple / Toffee

Recently, we lost one of our dearest friends at origin to COVID-19. Gilberto Baraona was not only a pioneer in El Salvadorian coffee but a wonderful friend to Project Origin and ONA Coffee for many years. This special reserve filter has been created by our team to honor his memory and is comprised of three of his Carbonic Maceration (CM) lots: Indigo 476 (40%), Amber 435 (30%), and Indigo 479 (30%). We hope you enjoy this special blend, created in memory of a very special man.

Made in memory of our dear friend and coffee producer, Gilberto Baraona, this blend of Carbonic Maceration (CM) lots is characterized by notes of marmalade, peach, red apple, and a hint of toffee. Thank you, Gilberto – we miss you!



DOSE 20g


BREW TIME 2:40-3:00 minutes