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El Bosque COE Costa Rica - Shot
  • 12.500 KD

2017 Costa Rica - EL BOSQUE 2017 - MARLENE BRENES MORERA Lot#16: The lot El Bosque, is part of the farm Fidel that won the first award in Cup of Excellence 2013. This farm has some characteristics such as volcanic origin soils and warm weather that are perfect for the coffee production. Here you will be delighted by breathing pure air and feel such peace. For being in such a high area, we cannot use the shade in the coffee plantation, but we make a big effort to maintain vegetation on the banks of the rivers and in the bounds with other farms.

Coffee Information:

Farm / CWS: EL BOSQUE 2017
Farmer / Representative: MARLENE BRENES MORERA
Region: Valle Occidental
Country: Costa Rica
Farm Size: 4.2
Processing System: Washed

Competition and Auction Information:

Rank: 16
Score: 87.79
Jury Descriptors: 
Aroma/Flavor: cherry, wine, grape, grapefruit, brown sugar, plum, peach, apricot, maple syrup, caramel,
Acidity: tartaric and malic,
Other: silky, clear, creamy
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