Ecuador Indera

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Apple / Pear / White tea / Citrus peel

Manuel Romero has been working in coffee since 2004, working at his family’s coffee shop, Indera. It wasn’t until 2014 that he became interested in producing his own coffee, and purchased a small farm in his hometown of Chaguarpamba. In 2018 and 2019, he placed first and second (respectively) in the Best of Loja competition and has since worked on further developing and refining his cultivation and processing skills. This natural geisha lot is the first such coffee we’ve featured from Ecuador, and we are sure we’ll be sharing much more in the future!

The Geisha varietal is renowned for its delicate fruit and floral qualities, and this filter coffee is a beautiful expression of refined processing and terroir. Notes of apple, pear, and citrus peel are accompanied by a white tea quality, with white florals in the aroma and finish.


DOSE 20g


BREW TIME 2:40-3:00 minutes