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Jasmine / Tangerine / Hazelnut

Beneficio Monte Brisas is a family-owned and operated mill in Zarcero de Alajuela. They process coffee from their three farms in Llano Bonito, Barranca, and Cañuela. This lot was harvested from Finca Salacia in Llano Bonito. Doña María Elena is the matriarch of Beneficio Monte Brisas who takes care of all the agricultural and technical processes involved in producing this beautiful coffee. It was Doña María Elena who decided to plant and invest in coffee, and who has made it possible for us to enjoy such amazing lots as this one today!

Jasmine, green tea, tangerine, and hazelnut - we're sure you'll find some of your own tasting notes in this gorgeous Geisha! Don't miss out on this fantastic reserve offering.