Colombia Sudan Rume Natural Omni

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Lychee / Burgemont / Floarl

Yet another year of Sudan Rume from Café Granja La Esperanza!

This has been Lex’s absolute favorite coffee since he first tasted it in 2015. 

“I remember this moment really well. I was cupping some coffee for competition, and this coffee was just astonishing.

The name of the farm was Las Margaritas and I had heard about them because they were experimenting with many different varieties on a single farm, which was super interesting. After all, it allowed us to taste the influence that variety had on the flavor of the coffee. One of those varieties stood out. Sudan Rume.” 

Five years later, we’re still blown away by the extremely bright floral and herbal notes of the super clean natural coffee. If I could I would only drink this.