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Colombia El Cabildo - Shot
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In the lush mountains of Southwest Huila, Colombia you will find Chalo’s Coffee Plantation. Chalo Fernandez is a 5th generation quality-focused coffee farmer whose family has been growing coffee in the region of Paicol for over 110 years. Since taking over the farm from his grandfather in 2010, Chalo and his brothers have followed in tradition’s footsteps whilst forging their own path as third wave specialty coffee producers. In addition to cultivating exceptional coffee and experimenting with different processing techniques, Chalo and his family are leaders in their community. They leads by example in the way that they take care of the environment and pride themselves on being able to provide jobs and education to their coffee-growing community. Chalo is dedicated to producing the perfect cup, building excellent direct trade relationships with passionate artisan roasters and helping his region and its people thrive through projects made possible by the sale of his coffee
 The ripe cherries were picked and randomly selected to be tested with the refractometer.  The selected cherries had Brix sugar level of over 21%. In the wet mill the cherries were left in the receiver tank for 40 hours after which they were pulped immediately and went to the float tank to remove any sub-quality beans.  The remaining beans were then fermented for an additional 18 hours in stainless steel tank.  They were washed twice and sent to the drying tables.  When the beans shows a moisture level of 19-20% they were finished in the mechanical dryer to a final moisture level of 10.5%-11%. At the dry mill the parchment went through dry mill process and was finished with hand picking before packed in GrainPro bags and put into jute bags for shipping.

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