Honduras Bucaru Geisha Espresso

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We are really turning up the Don Fabio celebration this month! This reserve espresso option is a pristine example of why this man is considered a legendary producer of Marcala. The Geisha variety is no stranger to our reserve menu, but what is unusual is to see such high a quality lot coming from the lowest altitude of a farm. However, it was a very conscious choice to plant this lot here: the exposure of the San Francisco farm means it has a slightly warmer climate on average when compared with Don Fabio's other farms. Don Fabio has planted Catuai and Typicas trees in the majority of the higher areas of the farm as they are less sensitive than the Geisha variety - he decided to plant Geisha in the more shaded area protected by leafy canopies. We still see a lengthy ripening period of the cherries due to the cooler growing conditions allowing for this essential slow maturation. The Bucaru lot is a beautiful refined Geisha expression. The coffee is rinsed five times before slow-drying on African under cover to ensure the heavy seasonal rains don't become problematic to the coffee drying process.


PRODUCER Don Fabio Caballero

REGION Marcala



ALTITUDE 1200-1300masl